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RSHP Parent Information

  • Mar 10 / 2022
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RSHP Parent Information

This page contains updated (January 2022) parent information related to the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood resource Delivery at the Royal High Primary School. Note that this will be shared in all classes at some point after the February mid-term holiday. Please see communication from your child’s class teacher via their teams page for more information.

Click the button to view the Leaflet for each Year Group. At the bottom, there is a helpful NHS Leaflet for Parents and Carers.

Nursery RSHP Leaflet

P1 RSHP Leaflet

P2 RSHP Leaflet

P3 RSHP Leaflet

P4 RSHP Leaflet

P5 RSHP Leaflet

P6 RSHP Leaflet

P7 RSHP Leaflet

NHS Primary RSHP leaflet for parents and carers