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Parent Council

  • Mar 04 / 2014
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Parent Council

A Parent Council is the group of parents of the school representing parents and carers views. They work in partnership with pupils, the head teacher and faculty as well as the local authority to achieve the best for their school.

When your child starts school, you automatically become a member of the parent forum and you can stand for election to the Parent Council at the AGM. At The Royal High Primary School, all parents and carers, as members of the forum, are welcome at all meetings, whether they are elected to the Parent Council or not. New faces are always welcome, and new ideas, skills, and offers of help even more so!

Our latest fundraising campaign is to collate everyone’s memories from 2020 and put them in a book to sell.

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The Role of The Parent Council

The role of the Parent Council is to:

  • support the school in its work with pupils
  • represent the views of all parents
  • encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community.

At Royal High Primary, most parents on the Council, and who attend meetings, simply want to help the school and improve things in any way they can for their children.

How can I get involved?

Every year, the parent forum elects a Parent Council, at an AGM which is announced in the school newsletter. After this meeting, which any parent/carer can attend, there are several meetings a year. New blood, fresh faces and ideas are always very welcome. If attending meetings is difficult, you can become involved by helping at events; helping on a stall, sending us home baking, help publicise events, there is no shortage of tasks! Lots of parents also bring their children to events to help too, and pupils seem to enjoy the responsibility and getting to see behind the scenes!

RHPS PC Office Bearers 2021/2022

  • Chair – Phil Dickson
  • Treasurer – Lauren Charmicheal 
  • Secretary – Kate Stewart-Hart 
  • Fundraising Chair – Emily Evans
  • Social Media – not yet filled
  • Clerk (paid role but must not be a parent/carer) – not yet filled

PC Constitution October 2017

Upcoming Events

Parent Council Meeting  – 9/2/2022 @7:30pm via Teams – link to be sent via ParentPay

Fundraising Meeting – TBC

View the Parent Council Facebook Page – this is a public page where you can find out information about events and developments at the school.

Join the Parent Council Facebook Closed Group – this is a closed group for members to share photos and news about the pupils, staff and PC achievements.

Latest Meetings  – click the links below to view our Parent Council (PC) minutes

Draft minutes to be approved 30th Sept 2020

PC Minutes 5th May 2020

PC Minutes 28th Jan 2020

PC Minutes 9th Nov 2019

PC Minutes 19th Sept 2019

Approved AGM Minutes 12th June 2019

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the PC fundraising event Band & a Buttie on Friday night, here’s what you missed!

Firstly, a huge thank you to Kathryn who organised the event and instigated this little dance troupe. So much work and time has gone on behind the scenes to make this event such a fun and monumental success – watch out for grand total ££s raised soon.

Big thank you to Duddingston Golf Club for giving us the venue and the delicious food, we could not do this without their generous help.

Also thanks to Jez Curnow of Timebase TV for filming and editing us to look so good so we can share with you the spectacle that is The RHP School Belles!

Hope you can join us next year for more FUN-draising hilarity.
Feelng proud — with Timebase.TV at Duddingston Golf Club.

This link will let you watch the video. RHP School Belles Dance Off





RHPS Lego Club Facebook page


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