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Head Teacher Updates

  • Apr 01 / 2020
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Head Teacher Updates

Head Teacher – Weekly Updates for families

This page will share our Head Teacher’s weekly updates in order to keep parents abreast of latest developments. Any attachments will be uploaded for download where necessary. 

 08.10.2021 Head Teacher’s End of Week Check In 

Active Schools’ Update; Be Resilient Task; Let’s Grow campaign; School lunches; Parking issues; Book Donation Station; Hallowe’en Trail and Sharing RHPS Values 

Good afternoon families.

I hope you are well and have had a good week. There a few things I would like to share with you this week so will start without further ado.

Active Schools Update

Thank you for your patience whilst we wait for this programme to be pulled together. It is almost finalised now and we are just working out a plan for venues what with our Dining Hall being out of action and our Gym Hall being used by OSCARs for Breakfast Club and After School Care club. I will bring you an update as soon as I can.

Be Resilient Tasks – due Friday 15th October for the Sharing Assembly

I have received a number of really fabulous ‘Resilience Role Models’ posters and pieces of writing so far. I am looking for as many as possible, so I can share them at the Sharing Assembly as well as display them on the ‘Building Resilience’ notice board I am setting up. Please could you either upload your child’s work to their class TEAMs page or have them bring it in to give to me in person? I look forward to learning all about their inspirational role models.

It’s Good To Grow Campaign

Thank you so much to all of you who have signed up to this campaign. We have already got 434 tokens available and would love to double this total if possible before the end of the campaign on the 24th of October (though you do have until the 31st of October to donate Grow tokens!) We are really keen to be able to exchange the vouchers for a variety of gardening equipment, so we can work on the front grass area, the quad and the growing area at the back of the school. We are so lucky to have so much green space and are really keen to make sure we have the tools to make the most of it. Thank you in advance!

School Lunches – ordering and choices

Just a reminder to make sure you order your school lunches on the Wednesday of the week before. 

Please be aware of dietary requirements as there are meat and fish on the menu. There is always a vegetarian option for you to select.

Park and Stride

I am aware that there have been a few issues with parking, particularly around the Infant Gate at drop off and pick up times. Please make sure you avoid parking:

• On or over corners

• On double yellow lines

• On zigzags

I am raising this as a health and safety matter as we all want to keep our children and families safe on their route to school. I am a huge advocate of a ‘Park and Stride’ approach and would encourage you, if you have to drive, to park slightly further from the school and walk the last part of the journey. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further comments, concerns or suggestions about parking around the school and promoting environmentally friendly travel to school. Thank you.

P7 Pupil Councillor and Parent Council Book Donation Station

I am delighted to announce the start of our joint pupil and parent partnership with our Book Donation Station. Our mission is to make sure that all children and families at the Royal High Primary school have access to a diverse and varied selection of books. And we need your help! We are looking for donations of books from you. We will accept any book as long as it is in new or nearly new condition. Please drop any donations you have to the school from next week. Books will be quarantined then sorted by our P7 Pupil Councillors and members of the Parent Council. They will be in touch to let you know how the Donation Station is going to work. It is the start of a really exciting project which we are really proud to be part of.

Parent Council Hallowe’en Trail A

fter the success of last year’s trail, our wonderful Parent Council have created a Hallowe’en trail for you and your children to take part in. I’ll send out the information following this update but the trail maps will be on sale in the field next Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school. It’s a great way to have a spook-tacular Hallowe’en and support the school!

Head Teacher’s End of Week Twitter Check In Update

It is not technology that thwarted me this week but the fact that I have picked up a throat infection this week so am lacking in voice. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to pick it up before the holidays and get that started up again.

Result of RHPS Values Consultation

And in my final piece of information for this week, as promised I am able to share with you the values selected by the children, staff, parents and carers.

The Values of the Royal High Primary School are:

• Be kind to others

• Try our best

• Believe in ourselves

• Respect all

I am delighted at these choices as they encompass such a wide range of the other values and really sum up what it means to be part of the Royal High Primary School. As a staff we will be working on the next step of introducing and embedding these wonderful values and we’ll keep you updated with our plans as we’d love you to continue to be involved.


And on that very positive note, I would like to wish you a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend.

Take care, keep well and see you soon.
Anna Anna Hazel-Dunn
Head Teacher
The Royal High Primary School 

24.09.2021 – Head Teacher’s Update for families – Reminder re wearing masks and adult/ adult distancing; Parent Consultations

Good morning families.

I hope you are well and have had a good week.

I’ve a shorter End of Week Check in for you this week with consists of two important pieces of information.

Reminder re wearing masks in the school grounds and 2-metre social distancing (adult/ adult)

The first is a reminder about the importance of wearing masks when in the school grounds, unless you have a medical exemption. The Covid guidelines for schools still require masks to be worn so please remember if you are in the school grounds, you are to wear a mask.

Please also remember that the highest risk of infection comes from adult to adult contact.

When in the school grounds, please remember to maintain a 2-metre distance from each other to minimise the risk of infection and support our infection control measures.

Thank you for your support in ensuring all of our school community are kept as safe as possible and infection free.

Parent Consultations, Sign Up Sheets go live today at 12.30pm on your child’s class TEAMs page

The parent consultations will be virtual and done through TEAMs.

Please make sure that you check your child’s class TEAMs page today as the sign-up sheets go live at 12.30pm today, Friday 24th September 2021.

The link to your meeting will be sent out to the email we have for you in school by Thursday 30th of September.

Please to check their junk mail if you haven’t received your invitation. If you can’t find it in your junk mail, please let Emma, our administrator, know. 

If parents are joining the call from two separate locations, can you please email your child’s teacher and email the additional email address, so an appointment can be sent out to you both?

If you are having any issues accessing or connecting to TEAMS, please contact Emma in the office so we can support you to ensure you can make your appointment.

Mrs Gardner, our Support for Learning teacher, will not be holding separate appointments this time. If there is something specific you would like to discuss with her she would be more than happy to meet with you. Please contact Emma in the office to arrange an appointment time on one of her working days, which are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


I am still unable to create my video End of Week check in and am working hard with the Digital Learning Team to fix this problem.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep well and stay in touch.



Anna Hazel-Dunn

Head Teacher

The Royal High Primary School

17.09.2021 – Head Teacher’s Update for families – School Values Consultation, Parent Consultations W/B 4th October, Communication via TEAMs, Active Schools Update, School Day Consultation, School Renewal Plan, Parent Council Fundraising, Building Resilience, Mental Health Awareness Day 8th October, School PE Kit & Uniform

Good morning families.

I hope you are well and have had a good week.

It’s been another busy week at the Royal High Primary School with lots of great learning experiences for the children.

School Values Consultation


Thank you to all of you who have contributed to our School Values consultation. The deadline is at 12.30pm today so you still have time to share your views. The link is https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xKX5QDtSjdVOmerC1qdzuzBUOEJWUVNFQjJORjI1N1pJUFBaOVMyMVZIQy4u

We will collate the responses and share the chosen values before the October holidays.

Parent Consultations, week beginning 4th of October

We are going to have our first parent consultations during the week beginning the 4th of October. Due to current restrictions and Council guidance, these consultations will take place over TEAMs.

Your child’s teacher will be putting up the appointment sign up sheets on the class TEAMs page. These sheets will go live at 12.30pm on Friday 24th of September.

Please let us know if you are having any issues accessing the appointment sheets by calling the school on 0131 669 3200 or emailing admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk.

Parent and teacher communications through TEAMs

Thank you all for using your child’s TEAMS page or teacher emails to communicate with your child’s teacher. I just wanted to remind you that, in general, staff will respond to your messages during their working hours across the school week. If you have a more pressing matter, please contact us through the admin account, admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk, marking the subject to the attention of your child’s teacher or myself.

Active Schools Update

In partnership with Paddy Dearlove and the Parent Council Committee, we have been working hard at putting together a model of Active Schools clubs for our children. Due to the changes put in place by the Council, we are having to look at clubs being supported by parent volunteers. Paddy is very keen to support any volunteers start up a club, which could be before or after school. We shared information about clubs which are happening at Portobello High School and will continue to share any further opportunities as they arise.

If you are interested in finding out more about running a club, please let us know by email admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk.

School Day consultation

A small number of parents have asked about the possibility of changing the school day hours so there is less of a gap between the Infant and Upper finishing times. The school day hours can only be changed through a consultation process which takes a full school year to undertake. This is due to the complexities of staffing contracts and hours. Any changes would happen from August 2022.

The first step of the consultation is to gain opinion from all of the parent body to gauge the level of interest in making this change. I am working with the Parent Council Committee and Senior managers to start this process and will be in touch with details as they are organised.

School Renewal Plan (formally the School Improvement Plan)

At the recent Parent Council meeting I shared the overview of our School Renewal Plan. The key areas have been identified by the City of Edinburgh Council. They are:

  • Equalities, Equity and Inclusion
  • Equalities
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Health, Wellbeing and Resilience

We have taken these four priorities and made them relevant to our context at the Royal High Primary School.

I have attached a PDF of the Renewal Plan overview for your information.

RHPS School Renewal Plan Overview, 2021-2022

Parent Council Fundraising

We are working with our wonderful Parent Council Fundraising group to come up with innovative ideas to raise money for the school with events which are in line with the current guidance. We will be in touch with more information about these events in the coming weeks.

Building Resilience

We are starting our work on the Building Resilience Programme this week and in the next week or so your child’s teacher will be uploading information about the first unit, ‘Be Resilient’. Each unit have a launch assembly that we do in school, with a linked class task and home activity. We will then share the learning on our Building Resilience TEAMs channel and create a Noticeboard in school to showcase our progress. Thank you in advance for your support at home.

Mental  Health Awareness Day, 8th October 2021

Our Primary 7 pupils have been working hard on plans for our Mental Health Awareness Day on the 8th of October. They will be in touch with details of what they have planned and look forward to having a really positive pupil lead morning.

School PE kit and uniform

Thank you for all your efforts to ensure that your children are coming to school in their school uniform and PE kit. It is great to see them all in so smart in their uniforms and their white t-shirts and black shorts, trousers or leggings, for PE as it provides equity for all learners and is a really positive representation of the Royal High Primary School. Please remember that they should not wear any branded items or items with company names on them or football colours.

If you need help to provide the correct uniform gym kit for your child, please let us know as we have pre-loved items, for both gym kits and school uniforms which we can give to you.



Thank you all for continuing to adhere to the current guidelines with regards to FACTS so we can continue to minimise the risk to our children, staff and wider school community.

If you have any questions with regards to Covid symptoms, testing or isolation periods, please contact us at the office so we can share the current information with you.

I hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend and take the time to enjoy days with your family and friends.

So until next week, take care, keep well and stay in touch.




Anna Hazel-Dunn

Head Teacher

The Royal High Primary School

10.09.2021 – Head Teacher’s Update for families –Avoiding risk of infection, Gym kit on PE days, Home work (TEAMS), Road safety, and RHPS School Values consultation

Good evening families.

I hope you are well and have had a good week.

There is plenty for me to update you with, so I will get started straight away.

Avoiding Risk of Infection

As you may be aware we have had number of positive cases at the school over the past couple of weeks. We are managing to contain them through strict adherence to the current guidelines and thank you for your support in doing the same.

Please remember to isolate your child if they are symptomatic and book them in for a PCR test. They may return to school once they have a negative PCR result.

Encourage your children not to bring personal items into school, such as toys or trading cards, to help us minimise risk.

Confirmation of children wearing their gym kit on PE days

Children are to come into school on their PE day in their gym kits as well as on Thursdays for their outdoor fitness session.

As a reminder our school PE kit is as follows:

  • A white or red t-shirt
  • School jumper
  • Black shorts, cycling shorts (to the knee), leggings or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

Children should not wear

  • Branded items, eg hoodies jogging bottoms with company names on them
  • Short cycling shorts (ie to the top of the thigh)
  • Crop tops
  • Football colours

We have a Uniform Station in school with lots of school uniform. If you need any school uniform, please just call us or email so we can check if we have what you need.

As a general reminder, children should not be coming to school wearing make-up, fake nails or jewellery, other than small studs in their ears. This is all around health and safety as well as promoting a positive self-attitude.

Our Pupil Councillors are going to mock up some photos of both the school uniform and the school gym kit so the children are really clear on the expectations and take pride in representing their school through the uniform.

Home Work

All homework is set and shared by teachers on the class TEAMs pages.

Please make sure that you log in with your child and check their class page regularly.

You will also find lots of updates, information about learning and reminders.

It is the main communication from the teachers to you, so it is key that you get in the habit of checking it with your child as part of the school routine.

If you or anyone you know of is still having difficulties accessing TEAMs for any reason, such as devices, WIFI issues, lack of confidence, we encourage you to contact the school so we can help resolve these issues.

Road safety

Gordon, our wonderful crossing patrol man, has asked me to remind your children to use the crossing at the end of the day. He is very concerned about the dangers of the children crossing at other points near the crossing due to the busy nature of Northfield Broadway.

He is always at the crossing, come rain, shine, snow, hail or fog, so let’s do him the honour of respecting what he does, and all use the service he provides to keep us all safe.

The Royal High Primary School Values Consultation

This is the key point for this End of Week Check In from me.

All across the city of Edinburgh, schools are revisiting their school values and making sure they truly represent their school.

Here at the Royal High Primary School, we have decided to review our values and have worked with pupils and staff to create a list of the values we feel are most important to us as a school community.

As you are a core part of our school community, we want to hear your voice too.

I have created a survey with a list of the values chosen by the pupils and staff and would like to ask you to choose the four you consider most important for us here at the Royal High Primary School.

There is an option at the bottom for you to add a suggestion if you have one and a comment box for any thoughts.

I have attached a Values Word Cloud sharing all of the values from which you will be choosing.

Here is the link for the survey – https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xKX5QDtSjdVOmerC1qdzuzBUOEJWUVNFQjJORjI1N1pJUFBaOVMyMVZIQy4u

Please complete the survey by 1pm on Friday 17th of September.

We will collate all of the responses with the pupil and staff choices and share the selected values before the October holidays.

Thank you for being involved with this really exciting process.



As I said there is quite a lot of information this week, so I’ll end my check in here.

I am still having technical and storage issues with my video messages so sadly no link to share this week. I will endeavour to have that sorted for next week.

In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions through the usual channels – by phoning 0131 669 3200 or admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk.

Thank you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep well and see you next week.




Anna Hazel-Dunn

Head Teacher

The Royal High Primary School


27.08.2021 – Head Teacher’s Update for families – ParentPay, Communication with teachers, ‘No Snacks in Packs’ and PE kit reminder

Good evening families.

I hope you are well and have had a good week.

It’s been a very busy first week back at school but wonderful to see all of the children enjoying being back with their friends and their new teachers.

This week we hope to have resolved the issues with regards to ParentPay. All new families should have been sent their activation codes for their ParentPay accounts and should soon be receiving all of our communications.

Please let anyone know who is still having issues accessing their account that they should contact the school office so we can look into this.

Talking about communication, we have devised a new model for communication between you and your child’s teachers. We are going to be using the class TEAMs pages as the main form of communication between teachers and families. There will be updates about learning and teaching as well as general reminders.

If you want to contact the teacher directly about learning and teaching or a general query about your child, you can do so by either sending a message to them through your child’s private channel or emailing their work email.

All the teachers email addresses are their first name followed by a dot,  ‘.’ , then their surname with the @royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk at the end.

If your question is about the wider school community, please send an email to the admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk account.

If you have a query directly for me, please contact me by emailing anna.hazel-dunn@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk, copying in the admin email to ensure that it is brought to my attention.

We have enjoyed lots of opportunities for outdoor learning and PE this week so I thought I would send a reminder with regards to our gym kit.

There should be no branded items or football colours.

The children should wear a red or white  t-shirt or polo shirt, black knee-length cycling shorts, black leggings, black jogging bottoms or black shorts.

We are very proud of our ‘No Snacks in Packs’ policy, which was created by our Eco Committee a number of years ago.

Just to remind you we would like all children to bring in a small healthy snack in a tub. By healthy we mean snacks such as fruit, oatcakes, veg sticks, crackers or rice cakes.

Children shouldn’t bring packets of crisps, sugary cereal bars, sweets or chocolate. This will help to ensure they have the right energy for the school day.

We have a number of children who have a severe nut allergy in our school so we ask that you make sure your children don’t bring anything into school that contains nuts. Thank you for your support with this.

We have enjoyed lots of sunshine this week and so I will leave you now to enjoy the lovely weather this evening.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep well and see you next week.



Anna Hazel-Dunn

Head Teacher

The Royal High Primary School

14.06.2021 – Head Teacher’s Update for families – Class photos, Staff update and Meet the Teacher

Good evening families.

I hope you are well and had a good weekend.

Apologies for the lack of End of Week Check in from me but my time was taken up with the comms following the positive Covid test result in school. My thoughts are with those of you who are currently having to isolate.

Thank you to everyone for their support in responding to this situation and ensuring that everyone not affected was able to come into school safely today.

We will continue to strictly adhere to the guidelines we have in place to do our best to make sure that we can all remain at school until the end of term.

Life continues at a rapid pace as we head towards the end of this school year with lots happening.

Tomorrow the class photographs are taking place and I look forward to seeing all the children coming in looking extra smart! The photos will be taken outside with the photographer following our risk mitigation guidelines and practices. It will be a lovely memory for the children to have after such a tough year. I will share the link to order the photos as soon as Susan from Clear Photography sends it to me.

It was a real pleasure to share the names of the class teachers for this coming school year. I am really excited about our team and the year ahead your children will have.

We look forward to welcoming Miss Stephanie Wallace, Miss Kristy Dishington, Miss Caitlin Morrow and Miss Hayley Stewart to the school. I have attached photos to this update so you can recognise them when you see them.


We are really pleased Miss Lisa Macleod is staying with us for this coming year.

We are very sorry to say good bye to Miss Voss, Miss Anderson, Miss Kinghorn, and Mrs Mughal. We thank them for all their hard work, dedication and love for the children during their time with us and wish them all the best for the future. We will miss them and hope that they keep in touch to let us know how they are getting on.

Mrs Heron is taking a secondment at a special school for the year and we look forward to hearing how she is getting on through the coming months.

Mrs Megaw is taking a career break and we wish her well in her new ventures.

I would like to make a special mention of thanks to Tracy Goldie, our Parent Council Chair, who is leaving at the end of this session. She has been a fantastic support for the school and will be sorely missed.

Mr Phil Dickson has been voted in as our new Parent Council chair and we are really looking forward to continuing to work closely with him and the rest of the Parent Council in the coming

Mr Brian Cairnie and Mrs Diane Chapman are both retiring at the end of this term and we hope that they are very much looking forward to some much deserved rest and relaxation over the
Summer and beyond! We thank them for their years of service to the school and the memories they have given to all those they have worked with. We aren’t able to have a celebration for them but are going to have a special TEAMs assembly in their honour. I know many of you have known them for a lot of years and would like to acknowledge this. Both Mr Cairnie and Mrs Chapman have asked that you don’t send them in gifts but simply show your appreciation by sending an email to them. That will mean an awful lot to them. You can send your messages to them via the school admin account, admin@royalhigh-pri.edin.sch.uk. I know they will be delighted to hear from you.

We have received advice from the Senior managers at the City of Edinburgh Council that we politely encourage you not to give the staff gifts at the end of the Summer term. Their reasons for
this are linked to our infection control restrictions and risk mitigation but also as an acknowledgement of avoiding an equity issue. As with Mr Cairnie and Mrs Chapman, an email of support and thanks would be gratefully received by staff, particularly after the tremendous effort they have made during the Covid pandemic. Your words will have a long lasting effect and give the staff a real feeling of appreciation and support as they start their very well earned Summer holidays. Thank you.

The children are excited about meeting their teachers on Wednesday and will no doubt want to share with you what they did with them so please take a moment to chat to them about this.
Here is the link for my Head Teacher’s End of Week check in video from Friday – https://youtu.be/IZp6Y4oZ-Mw

I’ll be in touch at the end of this week with my usual Check In but until then, take care, stay well and keep in touch.


Anna Hazel-Dunn
Head Teacher
The Royal High Primary School

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