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  • Mar 04 / 2014
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The Royal High Primary School can trace its formation back to the 12th century renaissance. The first historical records of the existence of a Royal High School in Edinburgh can be traced back almost 900 years to the seminary of Holyrood Abbey founded for Alwin and the Augustinian Canons by David 1 in 1128.

Through the centuries, the Royal High School  has been located at many sites throughout Edinburgh, including the Vennel of the Church of St. Mary in the Fields (1503 – 1516); Kirk o’ Field Wynd (1516–1555); Cardinal Beaton’s House in Blackfriars Wynd (1555–1569); the Collegiate Church of St. Giles or St. Mary in the Fields (1569–1578); Blackfriars monastery (1578–1777); High School Yards (1777–1829); the famous Regent Road building on Calton Hill (1829–1968); and Jock’s Lodge (1931–1972) which is our school in Northfield Broadway.

Formally an all boys school, The Royal High Primary School at Northfield Broadway became a co-educational state primary school in 1973.

Despite the fact that the Royal High Primary School, is no longer associated with the secondary school. Both schools continue to share a common motto “Musis Respublica Floret” (the state flourishes by the arts)