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24/06/2020 – Letter to parents and carers following the Education Secretary’s statement 23.06.2020

Dear Parent / Carer,

I am sure you will be aware of the Education Secretary’s statement announcing the return to school for all pupils in August. He was very clear to state the decision was based on scientific and health advice and that it was conditional on the positive progress being made to suppress the virus.

I recognise this has been a very uncertain and troubling period for all parents, pupils and staff and I sincerely hope we are heading towards a more predictable period when we can fully focus on providing the very best learning and teaching for our young people.

You will be aware the Council had plans for a blended model of learning involving in-school and at home learning. These plans now become our contingency if the scientific and health advice changes.

The consequence of the Scottish Government’s advice clearly needs careful thought to ensure all the necessary additional hygiene, risk assessments, cleaning regimes and test and protect processes are fully in place to ensure children, young people and staff are safe. We await further guidance which we hope will be available before the end of term but we will be sure to update parents and carers throughout the summer as new information emerges.

We are now planning on the assumption that all schools will be fully open for pupils on 12 August 2020.

Further updates will be shared on the Council’s website https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schools-learning/returning-school-august-2020/1 and you will be alerted to any new information using the text alert system.

Kind regards

Andy Gray

Chief Education Officer

12/06/2020 – Letter to Parents and carers about returning to school and blended learning

Dear Parent/Carer

I wanted to write to you to provide an update on our plans to reopen our schools in August.

This continues to be a challenging time for us all and I want to thank you once again for your patience and understanding. I also want to assure you that we’re working extremely hard to put arrangements in place that will ensure the safest return to schools for our pupils and staff.

Following the Scottish Government’s announcement that schools should open a week earlier next session, we’ve made some minor adjustments to our session dates for 2020/2021. As such, our schools will reopen to pupils from Wednesday 12 August. (The two preceding days will be used as in-service days for staff.)

As schools will start the session one week earlier than originally published, the summer holidays in 2021 will consequently begin one week earlier, with the session finishing on Friday 25 June 2021.

The Scottish Government has advised that this month should be used as preparation for reopening schools in August and part of this will involve some children being invited into school for special transition experiences. Those children who require this support will be contacted by their school and appointments will be made with families to attend during June. In the meantime, work continues with home learning. I want to repeat my thanks to parents, carers and staff in our schools who continue to support our children with home learning and keyworker learning and childcare.

The past three months have presented enormous challenges for families across the city and I am grateful for your patience and support. To our children and young people, I want to reassure you that every effort is being made to minimise the disruption to your learning.

The new blended model of learning represents an improvement on the current home learning arrangements and, though far from ideal, we will review, refine and improve the arrangements as conditions allow.

In accordance with Scottish Government advice and consistent with Health Protection Scotland guidance, social distancing, hygiene regimes and risk assessments will be essential to keep our children and staff safe. This will mean that not all children will be able to return to school at the same time. We need to be mindful of social distancing, staff availability and circulation routes as well as hygiene and infection control arrangements. Rotas will be arranged to ensure that all children and young people receive a blended model of in-home and in-school learning. Your school’s Headteacher will be in contact with you before 24 June to inform you which days your child will be in school.

Across the city, in-school learning will take place from Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays will be used by staff to support home learning and limited Key Worker childcare support will continue throughout the week, including Fridays, during normal school hours at each child’s school. All children will attend for whole days.

To enable social distancing, from the start of the session it is anticipated that 33% of a school’s roll will be engaged in in-school learning and when and, where conditions allow, arrangements will be made to maximise the proportion of in-school learning.

In Early Learning and Primary Schools, children will be grouped together to enable family members to attend school on the same full day. In Secondary Schools, pupils will be grouped together either by year group or family group depending on the individual arrangements made by each secondary school and each child in the rota will attend for a full day.

There will be a city-wide approach to catering and building opening, with the details of the arrangements at each school reflecting local circumstances and Headteachers will be in contact with parents with details before the end of the session.

Please be assured that we are working to make sure schools are ready for your children to return in August and that while learning and teaching is crucially important, the health and safety of children, young people and adults in schools is paramount and will be at the heart of all we do.

Yours sincerely

Alistair Gaw

Executive Director for Communities and Families

Black Lives Matter

Recent events in the US, in particular the shocking death of George Floyd, and the global response are shining a light again on the harmful and persistent issue of institutionalised racism. We fully recognise that it is no less an issue in the UK and Scotland. We have a list of similar deaths of black citizens, and we have witnessed the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

We are heartened by the concern and support expressed by pupils, parents and staff from across our learning communities in recent days. We are all rightly asking what more we can and should do to support our Black, Asian and minority ethnic pupils and colleagues.

We re-affirm and strengthen our commitment to confronting and addressing racism and discrimination in all its forms through strong anti-racist leadership, teaching and youth work. Our recent engagement with BAME young people and partner organisations has shown that there is much more that we can do and we will continue to listen and learn. We have started by implementing a revised anti-bullying procedure supported by training for senior leaders and pupil Equalities groups and we are working to ensure that Black history and its role in our city is a core part of a decolonised and inclusive curriculum. We will increase training for all school staff and have set up a working group as part of a national commitment to increasing diversity in the teaching workforce.

We believe that our schools have a vital role to play in tackling racism and creating a city where all are treated with dignity and respect. We want all our children and young people to thrive and lead in a diverse and complex world. We do not underestimate the challenge of this deep-rooted problem. We are fully committed to making a difference, harnessing the compassion, energy and creativity of our children, young people, families and staff to make Edinburgh a city where there is no place for discrimination or injustice.

On behalf of,

The City of Edinburgh Council Equalities Steering Group (Education)

29.05.2020 – Plans for schools reopening in August 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would firstly like to express my gratitude to all our children and young people for their understanding and fortitude during this unprecedented emergency. It must never be underestimated the disruption young people have endured as well as the additional burdens placed on families during this time.

Following the First Minister’s announcement last week of her ‘Routemap’ to releasing lockdown in four phases, and her confirmation yesterday that the first phase would commence today, we are aware this will raise many questions about exactly how and when children and young people will return to their school.

The City of Edinburgh Council is considering very carefully the arrangements for the safe return to what will be a very different school experience because of the need to maintain social distance. We also need to consider the arrangements for returning to school for children and young people for whom social distancing is not possible, both for those attending mainstream schools and those attending specialist provisions. For all children and young people, learning will involve a blend of home learning as well as in-school attendance.

The First Minister announced that all schools in Scotland will open on Tuesday 11th August 2020 for pupils. As schools in Edinburgh will open a week earlier than we had anticipated, we will need to adjust the published City of Edinburgh Council school session dates for 2020/2021, after consulting parents and staff.

You will be aware that our staff have been working extremely hard to support learning during this challenging period both in the busy key worker hubs, as well as supporting home learning. During June, we will all be working hard to implement the safest arrangements in our schools. Headteachers will be in contact with parents to provide clear details of how the blended learning model will operate in your child’s school as soon as possible. The Council is aware you will have a range of questions which may include issues such as school transport, SQA exams, transition arrangements, school meals, cleaning regimes, personal protective equipment, hand washing as well as precisely when your child will be expected to be in school and when they will be expected to be home learning.

School staff, council colleagues and partners are working together. Where possible, we will consult with parents and young people too, to refine and improve arrangements to ensure the health and safety of children and staff, at the same time providing the highest quality of learning and teaching possible.

In the meantime, support for the children of key workers continues. Parents are eligible for support where both are unable to provide or arrange alternative childcare and who are working directly to support the national effort to reduce Coronavirus. Arrangements are being made to offer support over the summer school holiday period which will be similar to what a was offered over Easter. Further information about applying for key worker support in mainstream schools over the summer holidays will be available on the council’s website by Friday 5th June 2020.

Supports for children affected by disability will be provided within identified special schools, working with a range of partners. Parents requiring Key Worker support will be contacted directly regarding arrangements for this provision. If you are a Key Worker requiring support for your child over summer and your child does not currently attend a special school hub, please contact the Headteacher of your child’s school in the first instance to make them aware of this.

I can assure you enormous effort is being made to ensure the arrangements will have the health and safety of your child at the heart of all we do and although school will look different in August, we very much look forward to welcoming your children back in the new school session. I will write again with more details as they become available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Andy Gray
Head of Schools and Lifelong Learning

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Information for parents who have a child who is due to start Nursery or P1 in August.

Download letter about transition Download transition information booklet

August Nursery Applications:

Due to the recent school and nursery closures we will not be able to process applications for August starts. Please be aware that we have received your application and as soon as nursery is reopened, we will be in touch with regards the outcome of your application.

With Thanks,

RHPS Early Years Team

Free School Meals provision due to school closure

As a result of school closures due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, you may be eligible to a payment as your child will no longer receive Free School Meals.

This applies to all children from primary 1 to secondary 6 who received a School Clothing Grant between June 2019 and March 2020.

Please follow the link button below for more information.

School meal provision during closure

24 March 2020 – Edinburgh Learns

Teaching, Learning & GIRFEC during school closure

Guidance for Parents & Carers

Download Guidance

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