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March 17

  • Feb 06 / 2017
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March 17

 Salad Couscous

Primary 5A loved making salad couscous on Wednesday 29th March. We examined a recipe that Miss Clark had written and prepared all the ingredients. Harry M noticed that the recipe contained fractions and measurements. We looked at how much each segment was worth on the kitchen scales and the measuring jug and compared it to ones we had at home.

Afterwards we gave some to Mrs Evans and we ate the rest. It was delicious!

Comic Relief

Last Friday the P7 Fundraising Group organised a Bake Sale to raise money for Comic Relief.  We were amazed by the number of pupils who brought in baking for us to sell and we raised £418!  We had also been selling red noses in school for the previous month, raising £320.  On Friday, we led a whole school Assembly, which included some comedy in our Red Nose Day Quiz, some entertainment in the form of singing and dancing and also some important information about what Comic Relief does and how they use the money raised.  Our Grand Total for Comic Relief was a massive £738!  Well done to everyone who helped us raise this money for such a great cause.

Reading Buddies

In P6A we have started reading buddies with the P1s here is what some people from our class think:

  • Eily- I think reading buddies are good because you get to teach P1s how to read.
  • Ella- I like it because you get to bond with the P1s.
  • Aniela- I like it because you get to read books with them.
  • Ray- I think the P1s are cool and cute.
  • Sean- I think it is good because you get to know the P1s better.
  • Lennon- I find it fun because you get to teach them how to read.

By Ella and Eily from P6A

P6B at The Royal Botanic Gardens

As part of our work learning about the Rainforest Primary 6B went on a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens, we saw all the layers of the rainforest and we also tried chocolate and dried papaya. We saw foods that grow in the rainforest and we saw plants with huge leaves for catching the sunlight and plants with small leaves. We learned a bit about how rainforest people use plants for weapons or structures like houses. We also saw all sorts of amazing foods that you wouldn’t think grew in the rainforest. We all learned lots and really enjoyed our trip.

New Uke’s for P5

Primary 5 a are really excited with the arrival of ukuleles that Miss Clark got funding for. They are guessing what colours they are and looking forward to learning more tunes.

Busy Week for the School Choir

On Monday, the choir took part in heat one of The Edinburgh Glee choir competition at The Assembly Rooms. The children were required to perform two songs and competed against five other Edinburgh schools. The choir were outstanding on the night and I am very proud to say that we won! This means we will return to The Assembly Rooms on the 15th of May to compete in the Edinburgh final.

On Tuesday we performed in the Studio to Stage event in The Queens Hall as part of the Resonate festival. The choir performed very well and were given great reviews by the audience.

P4 Football

The Royal High Primary School P.4 Football Team pictured at Wardie Playing Fields on Saturday 11th March following a comfortable victory over Cramond Primary School.

On Sunday 12th March 2017 one of our P.7 pupils won his Under 40 Kg brown and black category at a competition in Penrith. Competitors came from as far and wide as Malta.

P7b Pupils Make Gas Masks

Last week Kathy Warrender came in again (lucky us!) to help us make gas masks. The children made these using card and bubble wrap which we found quite tricky. We also made evacuation labels and tea stained them to make them look old. Then armed with our gas masks and evacuation labels we went outside to complete our daily mile!

P4 Football

The Royal High Primary School P.4 Team played their first competitive football match on Saturday 25th February against Brunstane Primary School. Our team played really well and were comfortable winners. Sincere thanks to the P.4 parents who have made this possible.

P4A in the Growing Area

Thanks to Caroline Kaye for coming in to work with P4A in the growing area.  We had a great time furnishing the bug hotel, rebuilding the music area, weeding the planters and digging up an area where we are getting ready to build…something very special!  Watch this space for more information!

Pancake Day

On Shrove Tuesday P7b took part in various pancake activities including a pancake flipping competition and pancake race. Ellis won the pancake flipping competition at 74 pancake flips in a row. We had a great day, especially as it was Miss Warrender’s birthday!

WW2 Life on the Home Front

P7b have been learning about WW2 this term. On Thursday Kathy Warrender (Miss Warrender’s mum) came in to show us how to knit. During the war, because of rationing, people were encouraged to make their own clothes and mend them if needed. Some children in class are knitting squares to be stitched together to give to refugees in our country as we have been discussing those that have to move away because of war. We also got to try a spoonful of cod liver oil as when Kathy was young she had to drink a spoon every day! Some people actually asked for more!

Poppy Factory

P7b went to Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory. We got split into groups to take a look of the factory. There were two dogs and we got sweets. At the end we made some poppies and they are getting sold.

By Alyssa Hallett P7b

P7s trip to Figgate Park

As part of our WW2 topic, P7 have been learning about Anderson shelters. This week all of P7 took a trip to Figgate part to practise our own shelter building. The children had set criteria such as must have a roof, must be camouflaged, be able to stand up without support etc.  We all had a fantastic time focussing on team building, working together and problem solving.

P4 Learning Buddies

Since October, in Primary 4A we have been changing our learning buddies each week.

Here are some of the things we do with our learning buddies…

  • sit next to them
  • learn with them
  • work with them
  • teach each other
  • be friends
  • chat
  • have fun

Here is what we think about learning buddies…

  • “Having learning buddies is really fun.”  Euan M
  • “I like learning buddies because you can learn more about them and they can help you when you need them.”  Hadika and Kayleigh
  • “I like getting someone to work with.”  Emily
  • “I like that you get to work with people and make new friends.”  Lewis and Ieva.
  • “You can get help when you are stuck and you don’t know what to do.”  Aryan and Olivia
  • “Learning buddies are good because you can be with your friends and work with new people.”  Emilia Jane and Aurla
  • “They can help you and you make new friends.”  Finlay
  • “You can get to know someone that you don’t talk to.”  Adi
  • “I think it gives me better relationships with other people.”  Elena
  • “I like learning with learning buddies because if we didn’t have them it would be boring.”  Nadia
  • “It is really fun and you can make new friends.”  Grace and Ryan.
  • “We felt that it was good having a learning buddy to work with.”  Josh and Kushi

Here are some things that we don’t like…

sometimes you might not work well with your learning buddy (but you can work on this to get better, and it’s only for 1 week!)
(then we thought and thought and couldn’t think of anything else!)

Here are some photos of us working with our learning buddies this week…

Art of Listening

Last week P7 went on a trip to The Hub on the Royal Mile to take part in Edinburgh’s International Festival ‘Art of Listening’ workshop. The workshop introduced the idea that music affects our inner personal world and that, through focused listening exercises which engage the imagination and sense of self, stronger listening skills can be developed. We watched professional musicians perform and took part in a range of different activities, including lying on yoga mats and listening to someone play the piano.

Nursery Feet

Following on from a child led conversation about the different sizes of each other’s feet, Miss Lonie & Miss Marr recorded this in our floorbook with children drawing around their own and their friend’s feet. Following on from a big paper activity the day before, the children extended this learning to include using a big paper activity to record lots of feet!

Here, we can see evidence of learning in numeracy:

I am developing a sense of size…by observing, exploring, using and communicating with others… (MNU01a)

I have experimented with measure…to investigate and compare sizes…in my environment, sharing my findings with others. (MNU11a)

…and of course, it was a lot of messy fun!