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September 16

3B and The Chocolate Factory

3B have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory as our class novel. Everyday someone wins a golden ticket for something they have done that day – but no one knows quite where it will turn up! Here are our winners so far! Well done!!

P7 get a visit from an MP

P7’s topic ‘Who Represents us?’ has led them through their own nation’s captains and councillors elections to finding out about other people who represent us. We were lucky to have Tommy Sheppard, who is a Scottish National Party politician and the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh East since May 2015 come in to visit us. He is also the SNP spokesperson on the Cabinet Office in the House of Commons. He came in to answer some of our questions about MPs and we learnt a lot about his journey to be where he is now. We also managed to convince Tommy to DAB (a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing) and to let us take some selfies with him! We had a great morning!

Pig Heart Boy

P7b were very lucky to be visited by Susan Kesley (aka Ellis) and Simon Kesley (aka Scott) last week. We have been reading the book Pig Heart Boy about a boy called Cameron who undergoes a xenotransplant of a pig’s heart. We were lucky enough to have Cameron’s parents (Ellis and Scott dressed up!) to come in and answer some of our burning questions about their thoughts on Cameron’s operation. Sadly, Scott and Ellis were unable to be here during this time!

Taking the Plunge

Congratulations to Mhairi who was weighed down by medals when she arrived at school this week. Mhairi said, “I went to Wales by train with my diving club and when we got there, we had two hours of training as well as a chance to meet the other competitors. The next day, we had three competitions and I got bronze medals in all three. In the third event, I managed to get a score of 10!”

Wow, Mhairi, oustanding result!

P4A visit Calton Hill

P4A had a great trip up Calton Hill.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side and we couldn’t see the beautiful views because of all the fog!  However, we were really excited to be able to see some of the places we had spoken about in class, and the National Monument, or ‘Edinburgh’s Disgrace’ was a particular highlight.  It looked magical in the fog.  We also enjoyed talking about Nelson’s Monument, and the inspiration for its shape.

Miss Stewart was really impressed with our enthusiasm and our questioning, as well as our behaviour when we were out in public.  We all learned something new, and we used the maps and signs available to us to learn even more.

Cycling for Charity

I am a pupil of The Royal High Primary School and I am in Primary 6A. I cycled ten miles with my mum, we had to get up at 6.00am.  There were lots of hills and millions of people and they closed of all the roads.  When I crossed the finish line I felt great.  In the photograph you can see my medal and race number.  I raised £175.  I love spending time with my mum.

P4B’s Misty Trip to Calton Hill

P5A Bake Off

Primary 5a really enjoyed making soda bread. We made 4 different types – plain, wholemeal, cheesy and cheese/herb. We invited Mr French, aka Paul Hollywood, to come and choose his favourite one. He preferred the herby one. Mrs Young however preferred the cheese and true to form Ms Clark liked them all!

This activity really allowed us to explore measuring volume, mass and looking at some different measurements –  like teaspoons  – which can be seen in recipes. We had a great experience and were all able to write about our feelings.

Harry K said that “the bread would be lovely with humus” and Michael said “the cheesy one was lovely.” Harry M loved the wholemeal one because “it didn’t taste plain and was just the right amount of salt for him.”

P5A Maths

Ms Clark was really impressed with the sharing and responsibility during these maths activities.

P5 Museum Visit

Primary 5A loved their visit to the museum last week. We watched a science show which told us about forces, infra-red. Owen and Harry loved being chosen as volunteers. We then has lunch on the steps outside in the lovely weather.

Congratulations AVA

Congratulations to Ava who won this medal recently. Ava said, “I went to Cumbernauld for a gymnastics competition and I came 4th in Vault”

We’re very impressed, Ava! Well done!

Pig Heart Boy

Primary 7 are reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman which tells the story of a 13 year old boy who undergoes a xenotransplantation using a pig’s heart. To help us to relate to the events in the story we looked at a pig’s heart in class. We were able to use the class visualiser to explore the blood vessels and chambers of the heart. Some brave souls even gloved up and had a hands-on discovery session!

What an enthusiastic group of young scientists they are!