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P7 to S1

  • May 11 / 2020
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P7 to S1


Welcome to The Royal High Primary School P7 to S1 Transition page.

Our team have been working very closely with the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure that your transition experience is as exciting and supportive as it can be.

We will expect that you will engage your child in the city wide transition experiences from the 18th of May by following the information in the downloadable guides below.


The Senior Leadership Team



02/02/2021 – HT Update for P7 Parent & Carers


02.02.2021 HT email – P7 Parents WhatsApp Group and Leavers Hoodies


24.06.2020 – Leavers Assembly Programme

23.06.2020 Link for RHPS P7s Hoodies

Good afternoon Primary 7 families.

I hope you are having a good day.

The wait is finally over!

Here is the link for the Primary 7 Leavers’ Hoodies – https://www.koolskools.co.uk/product-category/royal-high-primary-school-leavers-hoodies/

As you will see the monies raised cannot be taken off the initial order but we are going to process them after all of the orders are in and split the amount raised through the bag packing and enterprise projects amongst those who place an order.

There is a delivery charge which is a flat rate, so I would suggest that you group together to order multiple hoodies to one address where possible.

I know the children will be disappointed that they won’t have their hoodies for this last week of term but some things were out of our hands because of the lock down.

I am really pleased that they are going to be able to enjoy them over the Summer and would love to see photos of them when they arrive.

Please contact Andy at KoolSkools through their website if you have any questions.

Take care, keep well and see you tomorrow at your virtual Leavers’ Assembly!


Anna Hazel-Dunn
Head Teacher
The Royal High Primary School

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09.06.2020 Primary 7 Leavers’ Events Update and Video Reminder

Good morning Primary 7 families.

I hope you are well and having a good week.

With the end of the session fast approaching I wanted just to let you know that we are making really good progress with our plans for our leavers’ events.

Miss Sandeman, Mrs Grant, Mrs Lockhart and Mrs Bayraktar have been working tirelessly to pull these events together, supported by Kathryn Tulloch and Julie Wright, for which I am extremely grateful.

I am going to share the final arrangements with you on Monday 15th but wanted to give you an update today on a few items.

Firstly the Leavers’ Hoodies. Mrs Chapman has been working with Andy Ashcroft, from KoolSkools, a Fairtrade supplier, and is just waiting for him to send her the link for you to place your order. We should have this shortly and I will share it with you as soon as I receive it.

We will be having the main Leavers’ Events during the last week of term.

On Wednesday 24th June, we will have our virtual Leavers’ Assembly. This will be through the medium of Zoom, which we can do as it is being organised by parents and staff are being invited as guests. It will be at 1pm and Kathryn is going to send out the Zoom link next week.

We have another event planned for Thursday 25th of June from 9am, the details of which I will share with you on Monday.

Finally, and most pressing, Kathryn is putting together the video message from the Primary 7s but is still waiting on over 30 videos from the children.

The deadline for sending these in is today so please make this a priority.

Thank you.

I hope you have a good day today.

Take care, keep well and speak soon.


Anna Hazel-Dunn

Head Teacher

The Royal High Primary School

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Information for parents who have a child who is due to start S1 in August.

12.05.2020 HT’s update to P7 pupils and families re Edinburgh Evening News Souvenir

Hello once again Primary Seven pupils and your families.

This transition business is really picking up pace now!

I have attached a letter from the Edinburgh Evening News about a very special souvenir this year. Instead of it being a newspaper with your class photo, they are going to create a calendar with individual photos.

All you need to do is choose a photo and email to the address in the letter.

There are a few guidelines but nothing too complicated.

Please spread the word amongst all the Primary Seven families as I would hate anyone to miss out on the really lovely opportunity.

I will put it up on the school website and have asked the Parent Council to share on their FaceBook page. Hopefully as many of our Primary Sevens as possible can be part of this.

Good luck!

Can’t wait to see the finished result.

Keep well and stay in touch.


Anna Hazel-Dunn
Head Teacher
The Royal High Primary School

Download Evening News Letter 

‘Moving on Up’ Transition Project

The annual three -day P7 ransition visits will not be happening this year. Despite this, we want our P7 pupils to feel unique and special so the City Of Edinburgh Council have put together a city-wide project to welcome the class of 2020! This will take place on what would have been their three day visit to high school.

Moving-On-Up-Pupil-Pack Moving-On-Up-Parent-Carer-Leaflet Moving-on-Up-promotion

Moving from P7 to S1 – Parent and Carer Guide

English Spanish Romanian Polish Cantonese Mandarin Arabic Turkish

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Leith Academy

Download transition letter School of Football presentation

James Gillespies

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