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October 17

  • Oct 03 / 2017
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October 17

Badminton Winner!!

After lots of 2nd places, Beth has won her first singles badminton competition for her club, Edinburgh Badminton Academy.

Pumpkin Carving

the pumpkin carving competition was a great success. A huge well done to everyone who took part. It was very hard for our judge Lorraine to chose a winner. We are delighted to let you know the winners are P1A & P6A.

An Afternoon in Primary 1B

Pumpkin carving, playdough creating, picture making, picnic eating, singing and dancing…

Afternoons in P1B are so busy!

Power Drill Pumpkin

Primary 6B loved using a power drill to carve some pumpkin for the parent council competition.

Primary 2 have fun in PE!

Primary 2 had lots of fun today using the parachute in PE. We played lots of different games and even made a giant tent which we all hid under!


On Wednesday 11th October P6B and P7A were visited by two experienced workshop leaders from a Leith-based visual theatre company called Vision Mechanics. Diwali is celebrated every year all over the world by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, and will take place in Edinburgh on 29 October 2017. Diwali symbolises the victory of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. As part of the Edinburgh Diwali festival, we were offered a lantern making workshop to celebrate the ‘festival of light’. All children made their own lantern which was then stored safely by the workshop leaders. The children have been invited to attend the Edinburgh Diwali parade on Sunday 29th October. The children will be able to collect the lanterns from Diwali organisers and Vision Mechanics, at a pre-arranged central location in Edinburgh on Sunday 29 October, prior to the start of the Parade. A LED light will be inserted into the lantern so it will glow during the Parade. The children will then be able to join the Diwali parade which will start at 2.30pm, leaving from Edinburgh’s City Chambers, proceeding along the Royal Mile and down to the Ross Bandstand. The children will be able to keep their lanterns after the Parade. The organisers, Edinburgh Diwali’s aim is for approximately 200 children to make his/her own lantern and join the Diwali parade on Sunday 29 October, each carrying his/her lantern, together creating a beautiful visual spectacle. Miss Warrender and Mrs Megaw will be attending the parade and it would be lovely to have as many children as possible attending.

P7a visits the Community Centre

On Monday P7a took part in a community centre event with the local old age pensioners. We began by looking at pictures and discussing what food was like during WW2 (very helpful for our WW2 topic!) After that the children and old people got into groups and had to make a chocolate spread substitute out of mashed potato and cocoa powder! Everyone got to try it and there was a mixture of opinion on the taste! We then looked at some old objects and discussed what they were used for. We had a great time talking to the old people and finding out about their lives. We are hoping they will come to sample our food at our food festival in November. The highlight was definitely an old man called Jack, who kept making silly faces at the children to make them laugh!

P2 PE games

Primary 2 have been learning lots of new PE games. We have been focusing on team races and really working together to create a sense of team spirit!

Pig Heart Boy

P7a are reading the novel Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman. This is a story about a boy called Cameron who has a serious heart condition and his only chance of survival is to get a transplant with a heart from a pig. As part of science, we were lucky to get the chance to see and touch two real life pig hearts. We enjoyed touching the hearts, and did a couple of experiments to see exactly what happens with the heart. It was definitely not one for the faint-hearted (haha!) and the children all coped really well with the subject.

SSPCA visits P7a

Last week P7a had a visit from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They visited us to explain what we can do if we see an injured animal and what we can do to help wild animals. We did really well in a quiz that she tested us on and then played some board games about wild animals. Before she left she gave us all a pencil sharpener, sticker and car sticker to take home! We definitely know more now about what we can do to help animals in Scotland.

Mr Nowakowski Visits the Nursery

The children always enjoy Mr Nowakowski’s visits to the nursery. During Maths Week Scotland, Mr Nowakowski played the ‘Shoe Train Game’ which involved counting, sorting, matching, ordering, lots of use of mathematical language and of course, lots of fun!

Nursery Mini Mile

Our nursery children observed the school pupils completing their Daily Mile and asked if they could participate also. One of our nursery and school Mums, a keen runner herself, regularly volunteers to support the children in completing a ‘Mini Mile’. The Health and Wellbeing of our youngest children is a priority and we hope that they complete many more miles as they travel through nursery and school.