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October 16

P5 Maths

Primary 5A really enjoyed creating maths games. The task was to be able to discuss the relationship between 3 different times tables, challenge each other with tricky mental maths questions and have clear rules. They really enjoyed evaluating each other’s efforts.

P5 Football

On Saturday 8th October, The Royal High Primary School P.5 team played their first ever competitive fixture against Leith Primary School. It was a very entertaining game, some great football was played and the final score was a 7 – 7 draw.

My sincere thanks to Evan Mill, Gordon Kaye, Alan Angus and Ross Brunton for setting up the P.5 team and giving up their valuable time.

Willie French (Head Teacher)

Daily Mile

Primary 2 today did their daily mile with their buddies from P7. Both sets of children were encouraging each other and enjoyed some extra time with their buddies.  The teachers hope to make this a weekly event.

P2 Designers

Primary 2 have been drawing houses. This week they have been drawing the inside of their house and adding their family.

P3B At The Scottish Portrait Gallery

Geography Skills.

In geography skills we are learning how to use an atlas and discover the world while doing so.  We always enjoy doing geography skills, every round of questions goes through the alphabet.  When we are writing this review we’re on F.  Here are some quotes from the class:

Olivia said: “I liked geography skills because you get to discover new places in the world and it goes through the alphabet.” Hivron said:” I enjoyed it because it’s something that calms you down and it switches your brain on.”
Jack said: “I liked it because it lets us learn new places in the world that I would never find without the atlas.”
Lennon said: “I like it because it would be easier to find places in the future and for holidays.  We also make more friends this way because we interact with each other.” Zara said: “I like that you can work in partners and learn more countries.”

By Lucas and Lennon   P6A

Gym Tokens

In gym this week we started running tokens, you get a token by running a certain distance, this week we ran to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. This is what people in our class thought of it…

Lucas said “I loved it because I like running long distances.” Emma thought that “it pushed her to get a further distance.” Alasdair liked it “because it makes you want to run more by getting a token.” Eily said “I enjoy running and I’m very proud that I can now run the depth of the Arctic Ocean.” Olivia “liked the choice of picking what size of lap you wanted to do.” Lennon “liked it because it was a fun way of getting exercise.”

By Hivron and Ella P6A

P7 Gymnast

Ava received this award at a Scottish Gynmastics event this weekend. ‘On Sunday, I went to Perth for a gymnastics competition and came 5th on Bars,’ she explained. Very impressive work, Ava!

Karate Kid

Daniel returned to school on Monday with this amazing trophy! Daniel said, ‘on Saturday I went to Sheffield to compete in the BFK International Open. In my category, I came 1st, beating someone who wins quite a lot of medals.’ What a star! An excellent result!

Touch Rugby

Twelve P5 pupils won two out of there three games of touch rugby. They were eventually beaten by the tournament winners. First time playing touch rugby for nearly everyone. Well done! We met lots of players and got lots of signatures.