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Nursery Newsletter

  • Aug 11 / 2014
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Nursery Newsletter

RHPS Nursery

INFORMATION – Friday 2 November 2018

Nursery Staff Update

It is my pleasure to update you on the staffing position in our nursery class/room.

I am delighted to inform you that our newly appointed Early Years Officer takes up her position on Monday 5th November.

I ask that you join me to welcome Ms. Rebecca Leslie as our Early Years Officer.

Ms. Leslie arrives with great experience. She held a senior management position in a private nursery for some years and her recent experience has been gained working at Spinney Lane Nursery, part of Gilmerton Primary School. I am sure that Ms. Leslie will add much value to our nursery practice.

I hope that Ms. Leslie will take time in the following weeks to get to know the children, families and staff members in the nursery. This time will also be useful to observe and familiarise herself with the routines and practices in our nursery class.

The most important part of successful and effective work is that of relationships and I hope Ms. Leslie will feel welcomed and valued by all within our nursery and school community.

Sadly, Ms. Watt, our Nursery Teacher, continues to be absent owing to illness. I take this opportunity to state that we miss Ms. Watt and she is constantly in our thoughts. I met with Ms. Watt last week and I am hopeful that she may return to work early in the new year.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Ms. Karen Marr, Early Years Practitioner. Ms. Marr has ensured the smooth and effective operation of our nursery during the period of Ms. Watt’s absence, Mr. Melville’s absence and the period where we had no Early Years Officer. Ms. Marr has worked extremely hard to ensure her experience ensured the continuing good practice in our nursery.

We recently welcomed Mr. Melville back from absence.

Mrs. Hilton, Early Years Assistant, joined the team in August 2018. We have benefited from her skills, experience, conscientiousness and patience. She has been an asset to the tea.

Finally, I would like to thank Ms. Quamran Ahmed and Mrs. Angela Kennedy who have provided excellent long term supply cover.

Willie French (Head Teacher)