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Nursery Newsletter

  • Aug 11 / 2014
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Nursery Newsletter

RHPS Nursery

INFORMATION – Monday 4 June 2018

Nursery Newsletter June 2018


When I took up my position as Head Teacher at The Royal High Primary School in January 2015, Billie Lonie was undertaking her modern apprenticeship training as an Early Years Practitioner. Ms. Lonie had been allocated to The Royal High Primary School Nursery class and began her training in August 2014. On meeting Ms. Lonie, I was most impressed with her cheery and happy approach and her boundless enthusiasm and passion for working with children.

As part of her modern apprenticeship training, Ms. Lonie was then redeployed at Wester Hailes Early Years Centre, St. Peter’s RC Primary School Nursery Class and Pentland Primary School Nursery Class. These redeployments were part of Ms. Lonie’s modern apprenticeship training to broaden her knowledge and experience.

In August 2016, our nursery provision was extended resulting in an increase to our nursery staff complement. 

This increased staffing included the appointment of an Early Years Assistant (EYA), a position not previously held in our nursery class.

Ms. Lonie applied for the post in the knowledge that she was over qualified as the position of Early Years Practitioner (EYP), as she was now qualified, was a senior position to the EYA position.

I made every effort to dissuade Ms. Lonie from taking the position as I believed she should be employed as an EYP. However, to Ms. Lonie’s credit, she appealed to me how much she had enjoyed working in our nursery class, how she liked our children, families and staff and how she felt the strong pull to return to the nursery to continue the work she had undertaken earlier.

This gesture is a mark of the commitment and values possessed by Ms. Lonie, that she was willing to work below her qualification and salary. These are values acquired as a successful pupil at Gracemount High School and a member of a very close and loving family with strong values.

In the following two years since her appointment, Ms. Lonie has been a vital and key person in developing our new nursery provision.

She has matured and developed into a skilled early years practitioner.

Ms. Lonie is fully committed to the children and their families. Her warm, friendly and professional attitude has ensured she is a most popular member of staff. Her interactions with the children are a joy to observe.

Ms. Lonie is a committed and loyal team member and she has contributed most effectively to all nursery business.

I am delighted to report that Ms. Lonie has been appointed to an Early Years Practitioner post and that she will now be working at her appropriate grade.

Ms. Lonie has been appointed to the Early Years Practitioner position at Brunstane Primary School Nursery Class. She is not moving far geographically and continues to work in the Portobello High School Cluster.

Ms. Lonie’s last day with us is Tuesday 12th June 2018. I will keep you updated with regard to Ms. Lonie’s replacement.

I am sure you will join me in thanking Ms. Lonie for her tremendous work and commitment to The Royal High Primary School Nursery Class.

I am sure Ms. Lonie will be a tremendous asset to Brunstane, and a great loss to The Royal High Primary School Nursery Class.

Good luck and best wishes Ms. Lonie in your new position.

Willie French
Head Teacher

INFORMATION – Tuesday 16 January 2018

Nursery Newsletter for January and February 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back. The nursery team hope that you had a fun and festive holiday. Thank you for your kind cards, gifts and wishes.
Many thanks go to Charlie’s Dad for kindly and generously donating a wonderful light board to the nursery. We look forward to the exciting learning opportunities that this provides.

Christmas Fair Nursery Stall

Thank you to all who contributed and came to our Christmas Fair. The Nursery Stall raised £110! This will be used for our nursery garden development.

What we’ve been doing and what we’re getting up to

Last term we were busy learning about our calender topics of Autumn and Christmas. Thank you for the overwhelming turn out for our Christmas Sing-A-Long performances. We also learned about friendships and emotions which we shall carry on into this new term.
We begin this new term learning about our calender topic of Winter – fortunately the weather has been suitably obliging! We are about to enjoy the whole school theme of Scots Week. In the nursery, we will be experiencing Scots culture, in particular Scots language, music, dance and food. We will share a little of what we have learned at a whole school assembly on Friday 26th January to which you are warmly invited. Please may your child come to school that day wearing a little tartan or something Scottish if possible?

Along with developing our child led themes, we also look forward to Burn’s Night, Pancake Day, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Busy Busy!

RHPS Nursery is Online & Using Learning Journals

To see some of the things that nursery (and school) are doing please visit…
www.royalhigh-pri.org…then double click…CLASS BLOG…scroll and enjoy!
We use Learning Journals to track and share your child’s learning. Learning Journals are online and have replaced the paper Personal Learning Plans. You can check out Learning Journals on www.learningjournals.co.uk

Your Voice Counts!

We are always interested to hear what parents and carers think and do take on board the feedback you give us. If you have a good idea that would help us further improve any aspect of nursery life then please add your comment using the post it and board provided.
We would like to plan another Stay & Play Session for next term. We appreciate that parents and carers are busy so we shall put up some time suggestions on our Your Voice Counts Board and if you would indicate your preference we can maximise our turnout.

RHPS Nursery Needs You!

The children and staff have loved having parents and grandparents come into nursery to share their skills, talents and interests. Thank you to all who have contributed so far, including Lucas’s Mum who helps our nursery children run a mini mile, Cameron’s Mum for her tasty cooking, Cameron’s Gran for her green fingers in our garden, Olivia’s Mum for teaching us Polish, Dana’s Gran for her creative crafts and Jamila’s Mum for showing us how to make soap!

Do you have a skill, talent or interest that you would like to share with our nursery children?
We are looking for parents to come into nursery on a regular or ad hoc basis to share their special knowledge and love of learning with us.
We would love to hear from you if you have some time to spare.

Please speak to Miss Watt for more info.

Nursery Business

Please remember that snack money is due for this half term. There are five weeks until mid-term, therefore snack will cost £12.50. It is very helpful if snack money is brought in a named envelope and given to Miss Marr.

So that we may explore the outdoors fully, please ensure that your child has weather appropriate clothing and footwear.
Should your child be unwell, please contact the nursery as soon as possible. A reminder that NHS recommendation to nurseries advises that in order to decrease the rate of infection to other children and staff, please allow 48 hours at home after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.

Dates for the Diary

Whole school Scots Assembly Friday 26th January 9.30am
Nursery closes for mid-term Friday 9th February
Nursery resumes from mid-term Monday 19th February
Stay & Play Day To be confirmed

Please remember to check the nursery information board for up-to-date nursery news.

Many thanks for your support

At RHPS Nursery, we have an open door policy. If you have any issues, concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to come in for a quick chat or to make an appointment to discuss an issue further. We especially like to hear of achievements outside of nursery too!
Miss Watt, Miss Hamill, Miss Marr, Mr Melville & Miss Lonie

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