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November 17

  • Nov 02 / 2017
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November 17

Pizza Challenge

This week P6 participated in a Pizza Challenge event put on at Portobello High School to help aid their transition into high school. Each pupil got to make their own individual pizza from start to finish, as well as tidy up their area for the next group. Pupils very much enjoyed this activity as well as eating their pizzas.

P7 Primary Engineer Event

P7 visited The National Museum of Scotland to take part in a Primary Engineer event as part of our Enterprise topic and World of Work week that is happening in school next week. To begin with we listened to an engineer, a lawyer and a product designer who shared with us what they did and how they got to where they were. We were also allowed to ask them questions. Afterwards we completed an engineering trail around the museum. Many of the children hadn’t been before and loved the science level!

Tallying Traffic in P1B

Primary 1B have been learning about tally marks. We went outside to count the colours of the cars we saw pass the school. Lots of people have blue and silver and white cars, but we didn’t see any brown ones!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Mrs Simpson has been teaching Primary 1B about the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

We used paper from our recycling bag to turn the old paper into new paper.  It was messy work as you can see from the photographs!  We added glitter and petals to our paper.  When the paper is dry, we can draw our own pictures on it.

We also reused some recycled junk, and turned them into models – spaceships, castles, buildings and computers were all being crafted in our classroom.  It was lots of fun!

P7 European Food Festival

As part of our European topic ‘Friend’s Near and Far’ for homework we were asked to create a booklet and dish on a country of our choice. We brought the dish in to school and had a ‘Food Festival’ inviting the other P7 class, parents, our reading buddies and other adults in the school to sample the dishes. There was so much effort put in and all the children did extremely well! Everyone left with very full bellies!




P7a had a fantastic Halloween- carving pumpkins for the PTA competition, spending time at the Halloween disco and having an Halloween afternoon with our reading buddies dooking for apples and trying to get party rings suspended in the air into our mouths!

P6B Visit Holyrood Park

P6B had a wonderful time discovering wild plants at Holyrood Park and their uses. We found a plant that can be used as a plaster, called yarrow, and we even found some wild rye, that can be milled into flour to make bread.

Quad Art

P1a had a great time making nature art in the quad ! They were so inventive !

P1a Halloween

P1a had lots of fun on Halloween. Many thanks to our Parents Association for providing £15 when we won the pumpkin prize ! We dressed up in school and did some dookin’ for apples, Halloween art and telling jokes !!

P6A Halloween Treats

Here are some pictures of my class P6A enjoying their Halloween treats that were purchased with the £15 they won from the pumpkin carving competition for the school website.

P6a is so grateful for their treats and would like to say a big Thank You to the parent council!