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November 16


Royal High Primary School enjoyed a wonderful Harvest Assembly where pupils shared their learning with everyone in the school community. Thanks to everyone who contributed generously to our outstanding Harvest collection for the Edinburgh North East Food-bank.

P4B’s Trip on the Edinburgh Bus Tour

The sun shone for our bus trip and it was a pleasure to take the children on the tour. Throughout the Edinburgh Topic the children have been very enthusiastic and have increased their knowledge of our amazing city. I think they all would do a very good job at showing tourists around Edinburgh.

Autumn Art

Primary 3B have been creating some beautiful Autumn inspired art, using paint and different sponges to make colourful leaf outlines and then using gold paint to add more detail to the leaf.

Signs of Autumn

Our nursery children search for signs of Autumn in the school wildlife garden

P5 Maths Games

P5B have been enjoying playing our personally designed maths games.  We had to be creative and imaginative in our designs, develop clear rules and  ensure the players were practising their times tables.  We LOVED doing this homework task!

3D Shapes

Primary 2 have been learning about 3D shapes. Over the last few weeks we have been making 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and midget gems.

Autumn Crowns

Primary 2 have been making Autumn Crowns using leaves. They are looking forward to wearing them at The Harvest Assembly on Thursday.

P7b go shelter building!

Some children have been working exceptionally hard in P7b and received a treat to the wildlife area as a reward! Alan, Callum, Shurti, Olivia, Orla, Helena, Gregor and Jack went out with Mr Marin to do some shelter building! They found it quite tricky to work out how to keep it up but used some good team building and problem solving skills to help them. Keep up the hard work guys!

P7 Triathlon

On 28th September P7 took the bus to Forrester High School to take part in a P7s triathlon event! Despite the rain, all children got stuck in swimming, cycling and running around the course. We were so impressed how well they represented the Royal High Primary School. It was a tiring day but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Well done P7!

P7b Baking

In P7 for following the golden rules, being kind, helpful, working hard we get ‘fake money’. We can then save it up to ‘buy’ ourselves a treat. Helena, Shurti, Orla, Olivia, Laila,  Bethany and Sophie saved up their money to do some baking. Some of their cakes definitely turned out better then others! But they all enjoyed an award for their hard work. Keep it up girls!