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May 17

  • May 10 / 2017
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May 17

Primary 2 trip to Edinburgh Castle

Primary 2 visited Edinburgh Castle on a very busy bank holiday Monday. Our guide Hannah showed us the dungeons where we saw what the prisoners ate, what they played and where they slept. We next visited the Great Hall and where the King and Queen would have had their banquets. Hannah then took us to the Education Centre where we got to dress up as people who would have lived in the castle. We also got to handle some replicia armour. It was a great trip. Thank you to the parent helpers.

Museum on the Mound

On Thursday 18th May, Primary 5B visited Museum on the Mound to learn about the history and security features of money; this was to reinforce our learning on our Maths topic. We learnt lots and even made a coin of our own!

Time Capsule

We are very excited to have been part of a project with Barratt homes this year. Barratt are building a new development at Baileyfield, which will be in our school catchment as so they asked us if we would like to do some research on our local area and put our work into a time capsule to be buried as part of the development. All of the classes really enjoyed finding out about our local area, past and present. We went for local walks, looking at buildings and the landscape, visited the library to look at archived maps and photos of our local area and did some research on local people and industry in the past, like Portobello Power station and the pottery works in Portobello. On Tuesday, 6 pupils from P4-6 went with Mrs Evans to visit the Barratt homes site to hand over the time capsule. It was very exciting to be allowed on to a working building site and the see them digging the hole for the time capsule and it being buried. We wonder who will find it in hundreds of years and what they will think of all of our work! We are also in today’s Evening News talking about the project.

P2 Chicks Hatch

On Tuesday primary 2 took delivery of 10 eggs. When they came in on Wednesday one chick had been born. The class had just got ready for PE in the afternoon when we spotted a chick was trying to hatch. The class gathered round the incubator and watched our second chick be born – it was amazing!

P1/2 are very lucky to have chicks in our classroom. We have been enjoying watching them hatch and grow.

P2 Chicks

Primary 2 had a visitor Tuesday afternoon. Mr Weston brought in one of his chickens, Tilly, to show the class. The children enjoyed the visit and were asking lots of questions. Primary 2 are looking forward to have chicks soon.

P2 Grow Tomatoes

As part of the farm to fork project primary 2 are growing tomatoes. They planted the tomato seeds with the help of Mrs Collard this afternoon. We are looking forward to having some plants to take home before the end of the summer term.

P7 Blanket Raffle

As part of our WW2 topic, P7b have learnt to knit and have been knitting squares that have been sown together to create two blankets. One blanket has been donated to the refugees arriving in Edinburgh (this is still in the entrance hall for you to have a look) and the other was raffled off, with the proceeds going towards the P7 Qually. Parents and siblings joined us on Friday to watch a slideshow of Lagganlia and to take part in the raffle. Thank you to EVERYONE who bought a ticket. P7 managed to raise a whopping £92.08 for their P7 Qually!! The winner was Mrs Megaw, P5a’s class teacher. However, she kindly returned it to the P7 children, due to them all have worked so hard to make it and it was raffled again. The final winner was a child from P7b (see pictures).

P6B Math

Today Primary 6B have been learning about square numbers. We used pebbles to create pictures showing the different squares. We were also using our knowledge of square numbers to see if we could find any ‘Happy Numbers’.