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March 18

  • Mar 07 / 2018
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March 18

P2/3 Engineer Visit

On Tuesday afternoon Primary 2/3 welcomed Jon Terry an engineering lecturer and four of his students to their class. They helped the class make cars out of shoe boxes. The children were able to able their knowledge from a forces topic and maths to help make the cars. They had fun building and decorating the cars.

Once the children were happy with their cars they then tested them on a ramp.

P2 Numeracy

Primary 2 have been putting their maths skills into practise playing some numeracy games.

P2/3 making toast

Primary 2/3 have been writing instructions on who to make toast. Once they had written their instructions they got to try out making toast and spreading butter and jam. They all enjoyed the experience especially eating the toast!

Lagganlia 2018

Night-line, canoeing, abseiling, campfire