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June 17

  • May 31 / 2017
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June 17


Health Week Snacks

During Health Week, P4A design healthy snacks for younger children. They had a list of ingredients to choose from, and they had to look fun. Here are some of our ideas. Can you tell what they are? We loved eating them afterwards!

Sporting achievements in P4A

Congratulations to leva and Hope. Leva won 1st place in a gymnastics competition. She was awarded 2 medals, 1 for winning, 1 for participating and she received a trophy. Hope went to Berwick for a Taekwondo competition and won 2 medals, one for taking part and one for sparring.

Alien Rock!

During Health Week, we were really lucky to have the opportunity to try out lots of different activities, including indoor climbing at Alien Rock.

Miss Stewart’s group of P4-6 pupils turned a rainy day into an adventure! As soon as we left the playground, it started raining and didn’t stop all day. But as you can see from the pictures, we didn’t stop smiling!

We were so excited about getting started. Everyone was enthusiastic, helpful, and pushed themselves to beat personal goals, as well as demonstrating excellent team work skills. All the children were a credit to the school.

On the way back, we had a quick, rainy play in Victoria Park, before coming back to school to warm up with a mug of hot chocolate.

When can we go back?!

The Royal High Take part in Live stream workout!

Today some classes from across the school got together to take part in Joe Wicks (The body coach’s) Live school workout streamed online! It was hard work but we definitely enjoyed learning some new exercises!

Primary 2 make Fruit Kebabs

On Wednesday primary 2 used the fruit they had brought in with some extra fruit from Mrs Weston to make fruit kebabs. They helped prepare the fruit washing and cutting it. The most enjoyable part was making and eating their fruit kebabs with many going back for seconds and thirds.

P7A “Soul Boxes” Worksop

Last Week Primary 7A was afforded the opportunity to participate in a workshop put on by the International Festival and got to visit the Hub. The workshop, entitled ‘Soul Boxes,’ encouraged pupils to create a special collaged page to represent a special memory for every year of their life. Pupils brought in pictures and were also given loads of collage resources to turn their memories into art. Our International Festival leaders, Ginnie and Brodie, showed us examples of famous collage artist and discussed the techniques used in collage. We had a brilliant day full of creativity and reflection on childhood memories! Many pupils are hoping to continue adding pages into their boxes for years to come.

3B do some baking!

As part of our health week 3B have been learning about different fruit and vegetables and trying some of those for the first time! We were very lucky to have been given some rhubarb so we decided to use this to make a yummy rhubarb crumble! This was a great opportunity to use what we had learned about instructions in Literacy, Measurement in maths and aspects of health and well being this year. The crumble was so tasty and definitely went down well as an afternoon snack!

3B make healthy smoothies!

This week has been health week and primary 3B have been really getting into the spirit of things! In groups we came up with a smoothie recipe and name. We then had the chance to create these smoothies and try them! It was so fun having the chance to prepare and try our creations and they were super healthy too!

P1 at Figgate Park

Primary 1 enjoyed a wonderful day out to Figgy Park. Scavenger hunt and Play Park adventures enjoyed by all.

P5A Building and Growing

Primary 5A have been exploring the growing area, tidying it and creating tyre structures. We had some great quality conversation about some of the things we discovered growing after all the rain!

Primary 2 Bread Making

Primary 2 made bread today. They learned how to mix and knead the dough. Then shape them into rolls. The children enjoyed making the rolls but enjoyed tasting them even more.

Mrs Rudge brought in her bread maker as well some children helped her make bread in the bread maker. We are all looking forward to tasting the bread this afternoon.

Art in the Quad

P6A enjoyed using resources found in the Quad to produce some exciting art.  They had fun trying out different textures, shapes and colour to make their art, as can be seen from the pictures.

P1/2 at Edinburgh Castle 

We loved dressing up as castle people!

Squash Trophy Winners

A huge congratulations to 9 of our P7 pupils who attended Abercorn Sports Centre yesterday morning for the primary schools squash competition. We entered three teams and had a great morning, fighting off stiff competition to come back to school with 3rd place and 2nd place trophies. A fantastic achievement. Thank you also to our school Parent Council who very kindly funded a training session at the courts and also provided all of the medals and trophies for the competition.