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January 17


Dojo points are given when we do the following:
•    Work hard
•    Helpful
•    Kind
•    Be nice
There are two types of dojo points – negative and positive.  However,  we mostly get positive points.  When you get 20 points you get to sit beside a friend for a day if you get 100 points you get to sit beside a friend for a whole week!!! If the whole class gets 1000 points the class gets to have 15 minutes extra playtime yahoo !!!!!!!!!!  We’ve managed to reach this and get our extra playtime this week.
Sophie O likes that if you get a certain amount of points you get to sit beside a friend.  She has 26 dojo points.
Lennon likes the monsters and he likes his monster because it has one eye.   He has 34 dojo points.
Naomi likes that when the class get 1000 dojo points we get an extra playtime.  She has 75 dojo points
Luke likes his monster and he has 45 dojo points

By Sophie H and Emy  P6A

Bulb Growing Challenge

P5 visited the nursery and invited us to participate in the Bulb Growing Challenge.

The children discussed what we would need, then we decorated our pots. After that, we planted our bulbs and thought about what the bulbs would need to grow big and strong. We are looking forward to seeing our bulbs in full bloom in the quad.

People Who Help Us

As part of our People Who Help Us project and Local Study Week, our nursery children visited our local post office. We posted a letter in the letter box and in the post office itself.

Exciting news – our letters have arrived!

This has helped children to understand processes that happen behind the scenes in the community.

P7 Maths Homework

For homework the children were asked to create a maths game focussing on fractions, percentages and decimals that we have been learning about in class. The children made some incredible games ranging from ones where you remove layers in a box by answering questions in order to win a malteser to games with cards and different coloured squares. We used this to work on our team building skills; listening to others, taking turns and making sure that everyone is involved.

P7 Local Area Study

As part of the whole school local area study, P7 focussed on Figgate Park. We looked at what it was like in the past, and wrote and drew about what we thought it’d be like 100 years from now. The whole of P7 went there on a trip and completed a scavenger hunt. He had to do things such as find a cool stick, smell something beautiful and jump in a pile of leaves. We are planning on returning to Figgate Park in winter, spring and summer to compare it in the different seasons.

The Germ Experiment

To see which group would have germs (mould) grow on the bread and which would not.
What was needed –

  • Soap – Taps – Sanitiser – Bread – Plastic bags

What each group did –
Group 1 – washed their hands before touching the bread.
Group 2 – didn’t wash their hands before touching the bread.
Group 3 – wiped the bread on the carpet.
Group 4 – put sanitiser on their hands.
Group 5 – put their hands in their mouth before touching the bread.

The bread was put in sealed plastic bag and stapled to the wall.

Predictions –

The class predicted that group 3s bread would grow germs first. We thought group 2 would be next followed by 5.
The class predicted that group 4 and 1 would be last as the hands had been washed or sanitized.

Result –

A week later we found the following –

  • Mould on most of the bread
  • Group 2s bread had the most mould
  • Group 1 and 4s bread had the least mould

Conclusion –

We found that it is best to wash our hands!

Words by Primary 2.

Road Safety Magic Show

Today the children in primary 1, 2 and 3 had a visit from Alans Road Safety Magic Show. They learned about crossing the road safety and always to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK! Everyone enjoyed the magic while learning to be safe.

Gang Show

‘Two of our P.4 boys outside the King’s Theatre before performing in the Edinburgh Gang Show. Proud to report three of our present pupils and two of our former pupils performing in the Gang show 2016’.

Nursery Visit Post Office

As part of our People Who Help Us project and Local Study Week, our nursery children visited our local post office. We posted a letter in the letter box and in the post office itself. We look forward to receiving our letters soon!

‘By exploring my local community, I have discovered the different roles people play and how they can help.’

P5 Remembrance

Primary 5A have been exploring in detail remembrance in our local area. We created a bleuet de France, a marigold and a poppy using pomp oms. We were then invited to the Portobello Legion remembrance service at the Rockville hotel and Michael and Sophie had the privilege of presenting the wreaths during the service.

We are creating a film about all of this and are entering the Legion Scotland competition with it. We will keep you posted about online voting.

P6A Maths

P6A have been practising their times-tables to help their automaticity.  They made up their own games during homework then played the games with the rest of their class.  They enjoyed playing the different types of games and checking out the instructions to make sure they made sense.