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HT Updates

  • Apr 01 / 2020
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HT Updates

Head Teacher – Daily Update for families

Due to school closure, during the Covid19 outbreak, the Head Teacher will be sending daily updates to parents to keep them abreast of latest developments. PDF copies of these documents will also be posted here for download.

27.05.2020 HT’s Daily Update for Families – Transition, Health Week and Contact from Teachers

Good morning RHPS family.

I hope you are well and having a good week. Very thankful for the good weather which will help keep spirits up!

We are continuing to work really hard to formulate our plan for the last few weeks of term to ensure our learners are fully supported. Our teachers will continue to upload Daily Challenges on Seesaw, links to resources will continue to be shared on our Twitter page and I will continue to provide links to supports and resources through my Daily Updates.

This Friday please look out for your child’s progress report which will be sent out from the school admin account to the email address we have recorded in ParentPay. Our Primary 3 to 7 children will also have a report from Mrs Megaw about their progress in Learning for Sustainability. If your child is supported by Mrs Gardner or Mrs Coutts with additional support for learning you will receive a report from them too.

In addition to this your child’s teacher will be contacting you either by email or phone from week beginning the 1st of June. Some of our teachers are supporting the Holy Rood High School Hub next week so your contact may be later in the week.

The model of contact for our Primary 7 children will be slightly different as we are fully engaged in our transition projects. Mrs Grant and Miss Sandeman will be contacting the year group as a whole at various points with the opportunity to ask questions through the admin account. They will be using Seesaw as their main point for information sharing and I will keep you updated through emails from ParentPay. I will also be sending out any communications linked to transition from high schools.

Following on from the success of our Wee Famille week, Miss Campbell and Miss Sandeman have been leading the staff team in organising our virtual Health Week for the week beginning the 8th of June. There will be linked Daily Challenges in addition to those set by your child’s teachers. We’ll be sending out more information next week.

We will be in touch next week with information about our plans for the rest of the term next week

I will be sharing updates about the blended learning model for after the Summer holiday. I am working closely with my Senior Managers to formulate our plan of action and will keep you up to date with progress as and when it is finalised.

I appreciate that this is a very challenging time for all of us and acknowledge that you may be feeling anxious. My team and I are going to do our utmost to ensure you feel supported and informed in the coming weeks.

Education Scotland are producing a newsletter for parents and carers specifically about this transition period which you can sign up for by following this link http://ow.ly/4IRh50zNMmO

Please continue to keep in touch through our admin account. We will respond to your queries as soon as we can.

Take care, keep well and stay in touch.


Anna Hazel-Dunn
Head Teacher
The Royal High Primary School

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