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February 17

Call Ma Bluff

As part of our Scots Week celebrations, the Nations Captains organised and ran a “Call Ma Bluff” quiz. The four school Nations competed to guess the correct meaning of a variety of Scots words like “dook” and “speug”. Congratulations to The Picts, who were the winning Nation.

Primary 5a enjoying their ukulele lessons.

We really enjoy our uklele lessons. Once we were comfortable moving from chord to chord, we were ready to try playing some easy ukulele songs which were great fun.

P3 Go to Church

On Tuesday 24th January 2017, both primary 3 classes were lucky enough to visit South Leith Parish Church. We had a wonderful tour of the building and grounds. Our highlights included the organ, pulpit, war memorial and gravestones. The children loved taking part in the pretend wedding and baptism of Arthur the doll. They were also thrilled to sing their Scots songs where the choir usually sit beside the booming organ. Best of all, they were given a hymn book each to take home and were delighted. Many thanks to Iain May and his helpers at the church.

P3 Maths

Primary 3 were busy learning about measure this week in maths.  They practised using lots of different measuring tools and even measured out the playground so we could see how many laps we have to do to complete our Daily Mile – 8 whole laps of the infant playground!

P.5 Ukulele lessons

P4 Ceilidh Dancers

Primary 4 really enjoyed learning different Scottish country dances between October and December.  Some of us tried to convince Miss Stewart and Mrs Justice that we didn’t enjoy dancing, but the smiles on our faces at our end of term ceilidh would suggest otherwise…!

Well done, Primary 4.  You are all excellent dancers!

Taekwondo Bronze

I won two bronze medals in my first taekwondo competition.  It was very hard because we were all put into groups according to height.  I didn’t know anyone in my group.

By Hope P4A.

P5A Geography

Primary 5a have been perfecting their knowledge on world geography and learning how to co-operate to complete a crossword.

P3A Nativity

P3a preparing for the first nativity performance….

P3A Visit Holyrood

P3A have been to Holyrood Palace as part of our Mary, Queen of Scots project. The palace is a very ancient and historical place. It was extremely grand. At the top of a steep spiral staircase we found Mary Queen of Scots luxurious chambers. There was a plaque marking the spot of a grizzly murder. Our guide told us that queens private secretary David Rizzio was brutally murdered by the queens jealous husband Lord Darnley.

Paper Chain Challenge

Today 3B took part in the paper chain challenge which involved each team creating a paper chain. The team that used the best team skills and created their paper chains in the fastest time won points for their team. We decided to link the chains together to create a class chain to decorate our room with! Our team skills are really improving!

Primary 2 Decorations

Primary 2 spent Tuesday afternoon making Christmas decorations. They have decorated Christmas trees and stars made from salt dough. Made reindeer and Christmas trees from craft sticks and pompoms. Then used beads and pipecleaners to make candy cane decorations.

The decorations will be for sale at the Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd December.

As well as selling the decorations primary 2 are taking part in a Christmas decoration swap with several schools in Scotland. More details can be found https://padlet.com/mrsharvey3/Exchange2016

Online Maths

Our class enjoy taking part in a variety of online maths games that help us increase our automaticity and recall in different areas of maths.  Our recent co-ordinates champion is looking very pleased with himself in beating the clock to complete the online challenge.


Children in Need

We had a wonderful morning because lots of people had come dressed in spots and donated money for Children In Need.

Our Face Painting in the morning before school was a great success as over 30 people came to have their faces painted with spots.

Our Spotty Disco for the infants was brilliant and everyone had great fun dancing to the Cha – Cha Slide, Superman, Frozen and many more. We led the dancing and they all gave us a big round of applause when we finished.
Our Bake Sale was amazing! Orla brought in little shortbread Pudsey Bears which were bought and eaten in a flash! Every biscuit, cookie and brownie were gone after only ten minutes!

Overall we would say our fund raising for Children In Need was a great success.

Your Captains – Orla, Gregor, Anna, Olivia, Ellie, Ellis, Dylan and Sophie would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for supporting us.

P1/2 Book Characters

Some of our favourite book characters from Scottish Book Week.

Chloe Teaches P7b

P7b are very lucky to have Chloe (Millie Grassick in P3b’s older sister) come help us on Thursday mornings. As we are beginning secondary school next year, Chloe very kindly came in to teach us how to tie a tie! It was very fiddly at first but most of us managed it with Chloe’s clear guidance. We’re just hoping we don’t forget it by next year!

P5 Ice Skating

Primary 5 really enjoyed their trip to ice skating at St Andrew’s square today. We all loved being in the ice and would have loved to stay all day. Some of us were very brave – even if we did end up falling over. The photos show some of the fun we had learning a new skill. If you go to the “Video Gallery” you will be able to see a wonderful film of us skating round

 Playground Buddies

At the beginning of term we started playground buddies.  We think it’s a good idea that we get to help the little ones at playtime and lunchtime.  We have a rota set up so that we all know when we are to be a buddy.  So that adults know we are buddies, we wear purple hats.  We are responsible for helping the Primary 1 to 3s in their playground.  We help them play, look after them when they are hurt and help them make the right choices.
Gavin: It’s really good fun and I think I am good when we get to play with them.
Zara:  It is excellent and it is fun helping the little ones.
Sophie O:  Everything is amazing! I can’t choose my favourite part.
Jack: I like how you get to see your little brothers, sisters and cousins.

By Alasdair and Emma P6A