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December 17

  • Dec 04 / 2017
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December 17

Primary 2/3 to Primary 5 learn to write computer code.

Every Wednesday Primary 2/3 to Primary 5 are taught ICT by Mrs Weston. This term they have been learning how to code using Scratch. The children have enjoyed learning this new skill and many have been practising at home.

P6 and P7 Choir

It has been a very busy period for the choir. The choir has sung at the Christmas Fair, outside The Dome on George Street, at Piershill Library and entertained an elderly group at a local care home. The highlight for our choir was performing at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Palmerston Place where the choir was filmed for the STV Christmas Songbook. This will be screened on STV on Christmas Day evening.

P7 Enterprise

P7’s recent topic was Enterprise. This meant that the children were put into groups, created a product and were given a budget to buy materials in order to produce the product. They had to create a business plan and present an investment pitch to Mrs Evans to get her investment money (a bit like Dragons Den!) The children used a lot of skills to work together, to calculate their revenue and profit and produce a successful product. They then sold these at the Christmas fair and infant nativity. In total, P7 managed to raise about £700!! This money will go towards a treat for the children.

P7 Drumming Workshop

Stan Intihar (Frank in P7a’s Dad) very kindly took some time off his busy schedule teaching to come and teach us about drumming. He brought along his drum kit and taught us about all the different parts of the drum. He then allowed us all to have a good bash of his drums! Afterwards, he amazed us with his drumming skills and taught us a drumming rhythm that we had to copy. Everyone had a shot of trying to complete the pattern and it was quite tricky!

P7’s Art of Listening Workshop

Last week P7 visited The Hub on the Royal Mile. It is home to the Edinburgh International Festival that occurs every August. There we took part in a workshop called the ‘Art of Listening’. This involved us listening to a pianist and operatic women who played and sang for us. We listened to them and discussed what we thought the story of the piece of music was about. We then laid down on mats with comfy pillows, listened to another piece played on the piano and then drew about what it made us feel. We found this workshop very relaxing and really interesting.

Primary 6B make Christmas truffles

Primary 6B loved making Christmas truffles this morning. Some of us had never used condensed milk before. Jay M and Bella described it like sweet custard.

Christmas Lunch

Last Tuesday Royal High Primary School celebrated their Christmas lunch. The dinner ladies went to such a great effort, making up delicious Christmas goodies, decorating the kitchen and dressing up themselves! Ms Baigan, Mrs Chapman and Mr Nowakowski also joined in the festivities and help decorate the hall creating a fantastic Christmas atmosphere.

P6B Publishing

Primary 6B have been very busy creating novels about a Haunted House. They decided that after publishing they would invite their reading buddy for a mini book launch. Mr French popped in to see the wonderful books we created.

P5A Learn About Bullying

P5A have been learning about bullying and the consequences of our words and actions. This week we looked at Andrea Wilson’s poem, “My Walk to School”, to explore body language as a form of communication to re-enact the poem, focusing on how it feels to be both victim and bully.