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December 16

Drum Fun

On Wednesday 9th November the whole school was visited by Steve and his collection of drums. As part of his ‘Drum Fun’ workshop we worked on creating different rhythms using our hands and different body parts. We then used these to create super instrumental pieces using the drums. Steve has such an enthusiastic, energetic presence and we all thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in. P7b had the last slot of the day and he was still bouncing around!

3B Pottery

This week 3B have been taking part in a whole school local focus. Our local focus has been the Portobello pottery industry. We have been looking at Buchan and Co’s history and their famous Thistleware design and created some beautiful symmetrical art with this as a stimulus. We also had the chance to create our own pottery. We are so excited for them to dry so we can paint them!

P3 Drumming Workshop

On Wednesday primary 3A and 3B joined together to take part in a drumming workshop. We had lots of fun working with different rhythms and beats and playing together as a year group!

P1 At The Community Centre

P1 visited the local community centre where we chatted to some senior citizens about the local area and were shown photos. Lexie saw her house in one of the old photos. We had a great time were very grateful to the members of the community centre for giving up their time.

P7 European Food Festival

Yesterday (Wednesday 2nd November) the P7s at the Royal High Primary had a European based food festival. There was food from Spain, France, Germany and many more. I made brioche and croissants because the country I was doing was France. My favourite bit was when the P2s came and me and Gregor were nearly sold out when they left. I really liked the food festival and I hope the next P7 enjoy it as much as I did.

By Ellis Hamilton P7b

Police Box

As part of the Local Area week primary 2 visited the newly restored Police Box on Northfield Broadway. We were met by Damon Wilkinson who restored the box and had kindly agreed to let us see inside. The inside of the Police Box has been restored to how it would have been. This is one police box that isn’t bigger on the inside! More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/fortieshouse/

Nursery Block Play

Our nursery children use block play to help their physical development. Through block play they develop their motor skills and eye-hand coordination. These skills, especially fine motor skills, will soon be used for writing.

Our nursery children also use block play to learn social and emotional skills. As they share their block play with other children, they learn to cooperate and build together.

Spooky Monday

3B started the week with a spooktacular Monday! We created some scary spiders in class and wrote some spooky stories! We also learned a Halloween song! It was a busy day indeed!

Royal High Choir on TV

On Thursday the Royal High Primary choir were at the STV studios in Glasgow recording some Christmas songs to be shown on Christmas day! The choir were commended on their excellent performance and there outstanding behaviour by the crew members at the studios! Well done to the choir!

Film on War and Conflict

Primary 5A are preparing a film about how conflict and war has had an impact on our lives. We are creating a commemorative wreath to present to Portobello Legion and we are also entering a competition to win a multi-media workshop from Legion Scotland.

Here we are learning to use film equipment and creating pom poms for our memorial:

Edinburgh Bus Tour

In the last week before the October holidays, P4A went on the Edinburgh Tour Bus.  Here is what they learned…

We got the bus to Princes Street then we walked to Waverley Bridge to get the tour bus.  When we got on we found a seat with our partner.  My partner was Lewis.  On the bus we saw a lot of buildings that were really old.  It was really fun.  I loved it.

The bus tour took us down the Royal Mile.  It is over a mile long.  It starts at the castle and ends at Holyrood Palace.  We saw John Knox’s house and a pub called The World’s End.

Dynamic Earth is a massive white building with a big castle wall surrounding it.  The wall is there because before it was Dynamic Earth there was a Brewery there and Queen Victoria didn’t want to see it.

We saw Mary, Queen of Scot’s bath house.  It looks like an old cabin. We also saw a fantastic flag with a lighthouse on it.  We spotted Queen Victoria on the National Gallery and we also saw Greyfriar’s Bobby.  He was very interesting too.

Nicola Sturgeon lives in Edinburgh and she is famous for being Scotland’s First Minister.  Her house is on Charlotte Square and has old fashioned street lights outside it.  It looks really posh.

When we went on the tour bus we saw lots of different views of Edinburgh Castle – from the Grassmarket, George Street and Castle Street.  At one o’clock a cannon gets fired.  There is a jail in Edinburgh Castle.

Greyfriar’s Bobby was a famous dog.  Kids loved him so much.  If you rub Greyfriar’s Bobby’s nose it will give you good luck.  Greyfriar’s Bobby followed his master until his master died and then he sat on his master’s grave.

Princes Street Gardens has beautiful grass but used to be full of waste because there were no toilets.  People would throw it out of the window and it became disgusting.

The Scott Monument was named after Sir Walter Scott.  It is so high and it has lovely flowers around it.  It is in Princes Street Gardens and you get a lovely view from the top.

Written by P4A pupils.

Our nursery children making a giant spiders web.

Our Nursery Halloweenies.

The Poet Tree

This week 3B went outside to do some “Poet – tree”. We worked in groups to come up with some adjectives that could describe a tree of our choice. We then used these adjectives to create some fantastic group poems!

Halloween Disco

On Thursday 27th Oscars after school club and the PTA hosted a Halloween disco! There was a fantastic turn out and some incredible costumes, where a lot of thought had been put in. The children all seemed to enjoy themselves (especially P7b, Miss Warrender and Ms Stewart!)


Royal High Primary School celebrated the beginning of the October break by welcoming Tam Baillie, the Scottish Children and Young Persons Commissioner to our school assembly to talk about his role and answer some of our questions about children’s rights in Scotland.

The Highland Divas provided us with an amazing performance of Scottish classics including Caledonia and Auld Lang Syne to mark the success of our involvement in Twende Pamoja  ‘Let Us Walk Together’, with our Tanzanian friends.