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  • Mar 04 / 2014
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Welcome to The Royal High Primary School Website

22 January 2019 – Information Update

Asset Management Works Update

Infant Playground Gate

To facilitate works to the rear elevation of the school, the road safety barrier at the infant playground gate has had to be temporarily removed. To ensure the safety of all school users these playground gates will be locked during the school day until the barrier is re-instated.

Corridor Windows
Widows restoration works are progressing as planned. Corridor windows will be removed for refurbishment. All works on corridor windows will be shielded “boxed off” from other corridor activities. To facilitate this all corridor furniture (shelving, worktops etc) in the vicinity of works shielding will be removed while works take place. This is to ensure safe pedestrian passage of corridor users and to meet minimum standards required by H&S in the event of a fire. These works will cease temporarily to allow Hall window works to take precedence. They will resume again on completion of the hall works below.

Dining hall
Works to repair dining hall windows have been completed as planned. The school Dining hall is now fully operational and back in service. Exterior painting of windows in this area will be completed on Friday 17th January.

Gym Hall
Works to repair Gym hall windows will begin Monday 20th January. It is envisaged that the large exterior windows in the Gym hall will take 5 days to refurbish. For the duration of exterior window works the Gym hall room will be closed to all staff and Children. Gym activities be moved to another location for the duration of these works.

When the Gym hall comes back into service on Monday 27th January there will be some disruption as workmen work on “hopper” internal windows. This work will take place on towers behind safety barriers. It is envisaged that hopper window works will be completed on Tuesday 28th January, with the Gym hall returning to full unimpeded service on Wednesday 29th January.

Roof Works
Scaffolding will be erected on the exterior west elevation (gym Hall window wall) of the school on Monday 27th January. Work on the roof of this area will begin 5 days later on Friday 31st January. It is not envisaged that this work will be service effecting as it does not border a playground area.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this work will cause.

October 2019 – Information Update

Asset Management Works – The Royal High Primary

The following works will take place at the Royal high Primary School from Monday 28th October 2019.

  • Upgrade/replace all tiled roof coverings
  • Overhaul of all external windows
  • Upgrade areas of defective render
  • Replace defective concrete lintels and sills’
  • Upgrade internal toilet facilities

It is envisaged that the above works will last for 60 weeks with a completion date of Friday 18th December 2020.

These extensive improvement works are planned to take place in phases. Phase one, which begins week commencing 28 October, involves the erection of scaffolding to the front elevation of the main school building. Unfortunately, the use of exits / entrances to the front of the school will be disrupted temporarily while this scaffolding is erected. Safety barriers will be in place for the safety of visitors, staff and pupils while works are in progress.

We would be grateful if you would please stay outwith safety barriers and follow temporary signage to alternative entry routes while scaffolding erection work is in progress.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the erection of this scaffolding. It is expected that the use of entrance and exit routes will return to normal week commencing 18 November 2019.

Please revisit this notice regularly as it will be updated to keep you informed of works as they progress.


About The Royal High Primary

The Royal High Primary School buildings were completed during 1931. We are all extremely proud of our listed building set within its beautiful grounds. The grounds and buildings, enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff, help to convey our heritage and enthusiasm for learning.

As an ECO school we are delighted to have gained five Green Flags and you can see one flying proudly in front of the school. We have a strong commitment to our environment and are currently working on achieving our sixth Green Flag.

Read more about the history of The Royal High